September 28, 2018

Column & Boom Welding Manipulator

Column & Boom Welding Manipulator Motofil

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Equipment destined to the wind energy and boiler work sectors whose function is the MIG/MAG or SAW rotary and/or longitudinal welding of cylindrical structures and is formed by four elements: the car (optional), the column, the arm and the welding head.
The car supports the structure and moves upon rails according X axis.
The arm supported by the column, which carries the welding head, moves through linear guides vertically (Z axis) and horizontally (Y axis), allowing the adjustment for a correct welding position.
The column allows a rotation in 180º.
The welding head is composed according the needs of the client, and might contains 'til three SAW torches and is endowed by a joint tracking automated system with high accuracy.
The drives of the system are guaranteed by AC engines.
Easy to use equipment which allows a high welding speed, reducing the manufacturing costs.

General characteristicsCB3030CB4040CB5050CB6060
Arm's stroke (Y) (mm)3000400050006000
Column's stroke (Z) (mm)3000400050006000
Car's stroke (X) (mm)30000300003000030000
Max. height (mm)5000663076309200
Length of the arm (mm)4300530063007890

Coluna de Soldadura 01 Motofil
Coluna de Soldadura 02 Motofil
Coluna de Soldadura 03 Motofil
Coluna de Soldadura 04 Motofil
Column Boom Manipulator 01 Motofil
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