September 28, 2018

Flange Orbital Milling Machine

Flange Orbital Milling Machine Motofil

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It is a milling portable machine tool destined to the wind energy sector whose function is to correct rotationally the imperfections/warping that might exist at the surface of the flanges located at the edges of the shell which compose the wind turbine towers.
It’s composed by a fixation system to the shell which is assured by hydraulic cylinders and by a rotational arm which supports the milling head. Both components can be adjusted to various diameters.
This proceeding becomes necessary in which concerns to the shell’s vertical fitting.

General characteristicsMRF1455MRF2055
Diameter of the shell (mm)1400 - 55002000 - 5500
Diameter of the milling head (mm)160 or 250160 or 250
Weight (T)5.5

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