IRVision – the robot who sees


Motofil has been on the main players in industrial robotics for so many years due to being on track with the latest development. Investing in innovation and development of new products has been our motto and everyone can see it: various solutions on robotics, thermal cutting, welding automation, aeronautics, among others.

Motofil has been a partner of FANUC for a long time, and we decided to adapt the iRVision software developed by FANUC to create a demonstration of its use on welding resistance. This software was developed for R-30iB controllers regarding pick and place handling robots is a visual detection system. The iRVision is intuitive and flexible, recognises 2D or 3D parts and it is capable of locating them, no matter its size, position and shape.

The demonstration carried out by Motofil, using the iRVision, has 3 phases:
1. Part detection: FANUC’s iRVision 3D Area Sensor uses structured light projection to create 3D maps allowing the robot to accurately locate and pick randomly located parts from a storage container or infeed conveyor.
2. Part picking: taking reaching distance and collision avoidance into account, the system uses the created 3D maps to find parts and then chooses the fastest and most efficient picking strategy.
3. Calibration: making use of a secondary vision system, parts are calibrated for enhanced positioning accuracy

With this system, Motofil ensures an increase in productivity regarding the preparation of parts for resistance welding.