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Nowadays, the Mexican economy is the 13th largest one in the world. Its macroeconomic stability and its dimension make Mexico a very important market. Its proximity to the USA, which is the largest economy in the world, makes the Mexican market an attractive one for numerous companies. It has free trade agreements (FTA) with more than 40 countries, like those from the European Union, Japan, Central and South America and a free trade agreement with the USA and Canada (NAFTA). Thus, this is a traditional exporting country, as it is the 10th largest country regarding this matter. With all this potential, Mexico is a great investment for the Motofil Group.

In Mexico since 2014, and with a background of 30 years of experience in the European market, Motofil Robotics Mexico aids the Mexican companies in becoming more efficient, more responsible and wiser. The company invests in searching the excellence of its products and services, aiming at the needs of its client. The search for this excellence must be as far as possible, defying all odds, because, for Motofil Mexico, each client matters.

Motofil Robotics Mexico takes responsibility for improving the processes of its clients. Their evolution is done in a sustainable way, but with the continuous help of a partner interested in a mutual growth. The Mexican businessman is perfectly aware of its needs and what he demands. By his side stands Motofil Robotics Mexico that knows that the success of its clients is its own success.

Our company is aware of the importance of protecting those who invest their money to increase their businesses, who believed in our words, our promises and in our know-how. We know the responsibility we carry when an installation is concluded. The proximity to the client is always present in Motofil Robotics Mexico. Is this proximity that allows Motofil Mexico in meeting the needs of the clients, and gives them the guarantee that both companies are committed to the same success. In the end, they are the ones that receive us with open arms and with a smile, because they know they chose the right partner.


  • (Mr Juan António Ramirez – Production Manager at Fanex):

For Fanex, we acquired a Monoblock Robotised Cell and an H-type positioner Robotised Cell of which:

The service offered by Motofil, particularly by Mr Ramiro Pereira (Sales Manager Motofil México), is excellent; we have received technical and maintenance support, from its representatives on schedule, which helps us achieve the goals that are defined by the company.
It is good to know that we can rely on a company that can give us support in any area related to the machine and that also give us the confidence to continue on counting on them for future projects that will expand the company.

  • (Mr Cruz Francisco Zambrano Z. Mr Gerardo Ramos G – Production Managers at IPASA):

IPASA de CV has a welding robotised cell (Monoblock) (with an Arc Mate 100 ic/6L robot), that improved the productivity and efficiency during the welding process. The productivity increased by in 150% in comparison to the previous processes that were used, making available enough products for our clients with a good welding quality. 
Motofil has been close to us, because of the technical assistance right at the moment an unusual event appears. 
We believe that Motofil is a company that cares about its clients, and us, as a client, are witness of its proper service, its good skills, its good assistance, and especially the great quality of its products (consumables, welding wire and the robotised cell).
The robotised welding cell (with an Arc Mate 100 ic/6L robot) is user-friendly and easy to use that allows good quality welding seams regarding integrity and aesthetics.

In a nutshell, Motofil and its products were able to meet the demands of IPASA de CV”.


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Author: Ramiro Pereira (Sales Manager Motofil México)