Creativity and engineering were the keywords for the completion of another great project. Based on its technical ability for enhancing and adaptation, Motofil, recently had another retrofitting project, which means the update of the functionalities of equipment that were manufactured for other uses.

Motofil tries to show to the clients its engineering ability by presenting them with the best solution for a determined problem. In this case, the problem was the addition of new technologies and functionalities to an older equipment, in order to prepare it for new tasks. This add-on eliminates the need for jigs and increases flexibility regarding production.

The equipment that was updated was a robotised MIG/MAG welding cell with 2 Arc Mate 120iC FANUC robots and a ferris wheel positioner with 6000 x 1400 x 1000 Kg; the new version, has a handling robot (FANUC’s M20iA) and a self-centering clamping system that allows a precise placement of the parts to be weld.

For the supply of parts, it was added sheet sliding ramps with a parts dosing device. These ramps have pneumatic agitators that prevent jams. In addition, there were also added grippers with a quick exchange system that decreases set-up times between models, due to the different shapes of the parts to be weld.

With this update, it was added a parametric programming system developed by Motofil. When a welding process is carried out, it is important to define some parameters to obtain a proper welding integrity. This system allows more flexibility in changing the models if it is needed, in an easy and quick way.

This operation shows that Motofil can adapt its own equipment, due to its robust components as well as its equipment, since they were in a perfect state, even after a decade. This allows the adjustment of solutions so these equipments can be relaunched in the market. Furthermore, this retrofitting operation is focused on one of the main characteristics of Motofil Group, the adaptation of solutions to the demands of new challenges.