April 11, 2018

DRAGOm – Large Size Plasma and Oxyfuel Cutting Machine

DRAGOm Oxyfuel Plasma Drilling Marking Motofil Cutting

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DRAGOm are the heavy-duty CNC thermal cutting machines of Motofil, which can be adapted for oxyfuel and plasma cutting processes and they can also integrate the options of plasma marking and mechanical drilling.
DRAGOm can incorporate plasma and/or oxyfuel heads for torches and/or bevel torches.
The DRAGOm cutting tables consist in a module arrangement, which allows the cutting length to be adjusted according to the needs of the client.
The oxyfuel process allows the cutting of mild steel in thicknesses until 200mm and the plasma process allows the cutting of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium until 100mm.


  • Preferable to CO2 laser cutting process for materials with thicknesses higher to 6mm;
  • Capable of cutting a wide range of materials and metals in various thicknesses, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials, oxidised, painted or scraped metal;
  • High speed on thin to medium thicknesses plates;
  • Low cost in consommables such as torches, tubes, regulators, etc., which are relatively cheaper;
  • The waste of material is very reduced, and in turn, there is no need to proceed to its treatment.


  • The right choice for the cutting of mild steel plates with thicknesses above 75mm;
  • Optimized and economical use of the several torches;
  • Diversity of solutions on combustible gases;
  • Low cost in consommables such as torches, tubes, regulators, etc., which are relatively cheaper;
  • It doesn't need generators;
  • Ease of learning to operate.

General characteristicsDRAGOm25DRAGOm30DRAGOm35
Gantry length (mm)160016001600
Gantry width (mm)575062506750
Gantry height (mm)240024002400
Table module width (mm)274032403740
Table module length (mm)151015101510
Cutting nominal width (mm)250030003500
Cutting nominal length (mm) 6000 - 300006000 - 300006000 - 30000
Torches (max. No.)222
Bevel torches (No.)222
Types of bevelI, V, X and YI, V, X and YI, V, X and Y
Rotation of the bevel system (º)360 (automatic)360 (automatic)360 (automatic)
Max. bevel angle (º)454545
Torches (max. No.)666
Bevel torches (No.)2 - 32 - 32 - 3
Types of bevelI, K, V, X and YI, K, V, X and YI, K, V, X and Y
Rotation of the bevel system (º)360 (automatic); 180 (manual)360 (automatic); 180 (manual)360 (automatic); 180 (manual)
Max. bevel angle (º)606060
Stored tools (max. No.)555
Drilling max. diameter (mm)323232
Thickness of the plate to drill (mm)6 - 646 - 646 - 64

For informations about models of DRAGOm with a cutting nominal width from 4000 to 10000mm, only upon request.

POWER (A)100200300400200300
Mild steel (mm)Production piercing122540502535
Maximum piercing154045503540
Maximum edge start206575905070
Stainless steel (mm)Production piercing122525502535
Maximum piercing152530503540
Maximum edge start2050501005070
Aluminium (mm)Production piercing122025502535
Maximum piercing152530603540
Maximum edge start205050905070

DRAGOm motofil oxyfuel plasma
DRAGOm Cutting 1 Motofil Oxyfuel Bevel
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