May 18, 2018

FELINE – Compact Plasma Cutting Machine

Feline Plasma Motofil Cutting

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The FELINE are thermal cutting CNC machines of Motofil which are used for plasma cutting on small to medium format metal sheet plates.
The FELINE are composed by a cutting table and a gantry upon linear guides integrated on a compact structure. This equipment has the advantage of being disposed in a small footprint, also can be installed easy and quickly, allowing an easy change of place within the industrial plant.
High performance comparable to the machines of great dimensions, therefore being equal or greater in terms of speed and in safety, also capable of executing high precision cuts.
This equipment is the appropriate solution for cutting mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium in thicknesses until 25mm.

  • Preferable to CO2 laser cutting process for materials with thicknesses higher to 6mm;
  • Capable of cutting a wide range of materials and metals in various thicknesses, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials, oxidised, painted or scraped metal;
  • High speed on thin to medium thicknesses plates;
  • Low cost in consommables such as torches, tubes, regulators, etc., which are relatively cheaper;
  • The waste of material is very reduced, and in turn, there is no need to proceed to its treatment.

General characteristicsFeline 1530Feline 2040Feline 2060
Length (mm)500060008000
Width (mm)290029002900
Height (mm)200020002000
Cutting nominal length (mm)300040006000
Cutting nominal width (mm)150020002000
Plasma torches (max. No.)111
Power (A)100200200

POWER (A)100200200406080120
Mild steel (mm)Production piercing1225255121520
Maximum piercing15403512152020
Maximum edge start20655025253040
Stainless steel (mm)Production piercing1225255121215
Maximum piercing15253512152020
Maximum edge start20505025253040
Aluminium (mm)Production piercing1220255121515
Maximum piercing15253512152020
Maximum edge start20505025253040

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