March 23, 2018

MFL – 2D Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Motofil MFL Fiber Laser 2D

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MFL are CNC thermal cutting machines of Motofil, which are used for the process of 2D laser cutting for metal sheet plates of various formats.

With the fiber laser technology, it could be cut metals such as the mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and copper, with thicknesses until 25mm.

The system of dynamic analysis of vectors allows the machines to be able to cut complex shapes and smooth curves, in a quick way, without interrupting the process or without decelerate the movement.

  • The fiber laser machines don’t need mirrors on the laser source, which guarantees a reduction in terms of operating costs and maintenance requirements;
  • The laser source has a life cycle of three times more, comparing with an equivalent CO2 laser;
  • Higher speed in cutting materials of thin thicknesses, comparing with a CO2 laser;
  • Excellent cutting capacity on reflexive materials such as copper, brass and aluminium, without the problem of the occurrence of reflections that damage the equipment;
  • High accuracy in the cut of thick plates, in which concerns to complex geometries;
  • The alternating tables allow a quick load and unload of the plates, reducing the duty cycles, making the process more efficient;
  • Greater energy efficiency – a resonator of 3kW uses 1/3 of the power of a CO2 4kW;
  • Reduced costs in consumables, given the fact that the only components that need to be replaced are the ceramics and the protection lenses of the cutting head;
  • MFL presents a structure which minimizes the vibrations due to the cutting operations, allowing a better stabilization of the system.

General characteristicsMFL315MFL420MFL620MFL625MFL820
Length (mm)880011000 15300 1530020000
Width (mm) 3100 3600 3600 41003600
Height (mm) 21502150215021502150
Weight (kg) 860011000160001600021000
Cutting nominal length (mm)30004000600060008000
Cutting nominal width (mm)15002000200025002000
Max. weight of the plate (kg)8501500235023503100
Max. speed interpolated (m/min) 130130130130130
Positioning accuracy (mm)
Repeteability (mm)

POWER (W)2300300040006000
Mild steel (mm)15202025
Stainless steel(mm)10121215
Aluminium (mm)8121210
Brass (mm)6666
Copper (mm)2222


MFL Load Unload Motofil Cutting

This equipment allows the operator to facilitate the process of handling of plates before and after the process of cutting, guaranteeing quicker cycles duties;

The suction cups proceed to the loading of the metal sheets to be cut to the cutting pallet, meanwhile, the system of forks unload the cut parts to other partition of this equipment;

This equipment is only available for the MFL315. For the other models, only upon request.

Max. part size (mm)3000 x 15003000 x 1500
Min. part size (mm) 1000 x 1000150 x 150
Max. sheet thickness (mm) 2525
Payload per pallet (kg)900900
Loading/unloading sheet height (mm)170170


Radial Loader Motofil Cutting

Automatic system for loading parts for the 2D fiber laser cutting machines, through an arm composed by suction cups that pick the plate and place it on the cutting pallet.

This process occurs quickly, guaranteeing an increase of productivity, also being safer for the operator.

This equipment is only available for the MFL620. For other models, only upon request.

Max. part size (mm)6000 x 2000
Min. part size (mm) 1000 x 1000
Max. sheet thickness (mm) 25
Payload per pallet (kg)2000

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