BIEMH – the beginning of a new strategy for the Iberian market


Motofil was present, for the 6th consecutive time at BIEMH – one of the greatest trade shows destined to the machine-tools sector of the Southern Europe – which occurred in Bilbao (Spain), from the 28th of May to the 1st of June. BIEMH not only closed the first semester trade shows circuit of Motofil, but also served as a kickstart of the distributor network in Spain.

The participation at the 30th edition of BIEMH represents another mark of affirmation in the Spanish market. With a space of 400m2, the largest stand on the robotics hall, Motofil presented not only its welding robotics solutions, but also two thermal cutting equipment, specifically a MFL, 2D fiber laser cutting machine, and a DRAGOm, large size plasma and/or oxyfuel cutting machine.

The wide range of robust and attractive products presented alongside the notoriety of the brand, guaranteed a great number of daily visits of clients and possible clients, who sought Motofil for its ability to offer distinct and customized solutions considering the needs of each client.

The participation in this trade show served also has a meeting point for the representatives of the distributor network of the Group in Spain, which has been created in the last months, who took this opportunity to prefect its commercial strategy in order to offer the Spanish market the best welding and cutting solutions.

Francisco Braga, Commercial and Marketing Coordinator of the Group, about this distributor network remembers that “the administration determined in September of 2017 to initiate a new commercial strategy based on a network of representatives in markets that, in our point of view, are a priority, are crucial. Iberian Peninsula is essential in commercial terms for Motofil and this trade show culminated with a kickstart of a chain of 12 distribution firms in the Spanish market, in a network with a total of 50 vendors.” The purpose of this network is to potentiate the sales of the robotics products, cutting, automation and consumables, based in a principle of “investment in the proximity to the markets and these partnerships we’ve create, represent that vision: a vision of proximity and sustainability.

In a general perspective, João Carlos Novo, Motofil Group’s CEO, claims that “our participation in the biennial is historic, Motofil has been present in this event for 30 years (…) Once more, this trade show was important for us and went exceptionally well, above our own expectations, and certainly it will continue to be a priority to Motofil.” With reference to the partners network, João Carlos Novo indicates that the Group aims to “increase its presence in the Spanish market, and for that, created a brand-new strategy based on a partners network to promote Motofil´s products, especially in the cutting sector. What we envision a year ago, it’s becoming a reality.

Motofil will certainly come back for the 31st BIEMH, that will occur from the 25th to 29th of May of 2020, with many more innovations and new products, specially in the thermal cutting sector.