Motofil joins the renewable energy players with its participation at WindEnergy

windenergy hamburg motofil


The increasing of the renewable energy industry led Motofil to be present at WindEnergy Hamburg, which occurred from 25 to 28th of September, to demonstrate the advantages that their solutions could bring to this sector.

Over the years, Motofil has invested in the improvement and increase of its range of automation solutions for the renewable energy, in particular related to wind turbine towers assembly, and actually is considered a great partner in this field.
The development of this industry in terms of politics and technologies has also expressed in an increase in demand of productive solutions, which led Motofil to participate for the first time at WindEnergy Hamburg (Germany), one of the greatest and most important tradeshows of the wind energy in the world.

Pedro Campos, Technical Director of Motofil, when speaking about the relevance of this tradeshow, states that “it was notable the huge investment that countries are making on the wind energy sector, based on clean energy policies. It was also evident that the investment in this sector is cross-cutting to all continents. I was doubly encouraged because is a green/green sector, I mean, clean energy and still in its initial stage of development in which respects to: new storage technologies, new concepts of harness wind, new materials, etc… The numbers are also impressive by its estimated growth of 2 digits per year! It was a right decision for Motofil to be here.

In commercial terms, WindEnergy “proved to be a nice surprise, with renowned players of this industry actively seeking for our stand”, notes André Ferreira, Sales Manager of Motofil. “We had the chance to establish some network connections with probable partners and also we arranged a technical discussion with a potential Asiatic final client.”

This was acknowledged to be one of the most eclectic and dynamic tradeshows in which we’ve been present. For sure we affirm that a comeback is highly possible, which we expect to keep contributing with the development of solutions that promote the global sustainability.