Motofil joined Católica-Lisbon in an event to reflect the future of business



Within the scope of “The Future of Business Programme” of Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Motofil received the participants in its facilities for a visit ending with a small lecture given by its CEO, João Carlos Novo, focused on the quick and agile adaptation of his company to the market changes.

In a time where there is an imbalance between the demand and supply of competencies in the labor market, it’s becoming more important to reduce the gap between universities/training centers and the employers. This approach not only values the employers, enhancing its recruitment process, but it also helps the universities preparing professionals to be ready to enter the labor market. Being conscientious of these advantages, Motofil accepted the invitation of CATÓLICA-LISBON university institution and opened its doors to “The Future of Business Programme”.

“The Future of Business Programme” occurred between the 28 and 30 of June, a full 3-day programme of sessions, exercises and debates, aiming the reflection about various subjects which nowadays affect the world of business. This programme is residential1, to increasing the networking opportunities, and this year the chosen town was Ílhavo. Exclusively intended to alumnis (former students) of the AMP (Advanced Management Program) of the CATÓLICA-LISBON, the program focused on themes such as Industry 4.0, how digital impact business, trends, among others.

In the last morning of the event, the participants had the chance to visit Motofil’s facilities, discovering the last company’s innovations in thermal cutting, robotics and aeronautics sectors. João Carlos Novo, Motofil’s CEO, exposed briefly the journey of Motofil over these 37 years, revealing that the success is on the quick response to the emerging needs of the markets in which it operates.

In order to conclude the morning activities, occurred in the Motofil’s auditorium, one of the sessions of the programme with the subject “Big Data: Strategic Value for Business” lectured by the Professor Miguel Godinho Matos.

Joana Santos Silva, Professor at Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, refers that “for CATÓLICA-LISBON it’s evident the value of a partnership and involvement with companies. To provide an integrated vision of the entrepreneurial reality is enriching and an unique opportunity to think the operational reality of the organizations. The visit to Motofil allowed us to assist at first hand to a Portugal’s excellence example of innovation, entrepreneurship and the internationalization.

João Carlos Novo, confirms the importance of these kind of partnerships which “values the effort of all Motofil’s team in terms of productive capacity and innovation and reinforces the idea that there are individuals with potential in Portugal. The event was important both for Motofil’s team and for the event’s participants, because it allowed them to discuss different points of view and learn with the experiences of one another.

Motofil maintains a partnership with the University of Aveiro for several years, being one of the most important employers of engineering new graduates of Aveiro, and it seeks to expand its network to other universities and training centers aiming to help and prepare more qualified professionals for the labor market demands.


  1. Residential programme – a group of individuals (ex.: students, professionals of a certain business area, etc.) gather, remaing in community during a period in a given place, seeking to increase its networking opportunities, associated to a concrete subject.