IAPMEI visits Motofil Group’s facilities

Motofil IAPMEI I


Last week, on April 6th, Motofil was visited by the President of IAPMEI – Portuguese Agency for SME and Innovation, Jorge Marques dos Santos and Osória Veiga.

This visit aimed at showing how much the company has been developing its productive capacity over the years. During the morning, IAPMEI’s representatives had the chance to visit a part of the companies, mainly Motomig, the company that started with the support of IAPMEI and nowadays stands as the major manufacturing factory of welding wire in Iberian Peninsula.

At the end of the visit, the President of IAPMEI praised the work that Motofil has been doing, saying that the company “does not stop at buying knowledge, at developing it and by creating routines. This is a company that is constantly creating innovation, it innovates itself and has a creative sense of urgency with a quality that impresses, which is only possible because of its dynamic entrepreneur and its team.”

João Carlos Novo, the CEO of Motofil Group, says that this type of visits is very encouraging because “it is a recognition from IAPMEI and its President, of our project and our team. Despite all the struggles the company has felt over the time, Motofil has been overcoming them and it is important to recognise that within our team.” Furthermore, he says that “it is essential to appreciate and recognise the capacity of the companies in fulfilling the projects that arrive every day to the headquarters of IAPMEI.

Acknowledging the times of change in Motofil, João Carlos Novo invites IAPMEI for a new visit in a near future that will certainly feature some surprises.