Motofil starts partnership with a polish company

Motofil Robotics Roboty 1


Motofil signed a partnership agreement with Roboty Przemysłowe Ltd, a polish company that manufactures and sells robotic solutions, in order to expand its presence in the European market.

At the end of 2017, Motofil was committed to making 2018 the year of change regarding the business strategy of the Group. We would focus on increasing the number of partners in strategical places, thus extending our network of distributors. The goal is to create a network of proximity and profitability of the business to increase the sales and the awareness of Motofil. With this goal already established, during the end of 2017, Motofil entered into negotiations with a company from Poland, Roboty Przemysłowe Ltd, which we wanted them to become the sole distributor of Motofil in the Polish market.

With its headquarters in Krakow, Roboty Przemysłowe Ltd develops robotised assembly lines with FANUC robots. With more than 10 years of experience, the company specialises in designing, programming, assembling, and integrating robotised cells for welding, spot welding, cutting, palletising and handling. Taking into consideration its experience with FANUC robots, the company also programs robotic applications, including the enhancement and optimisation of existing programs and processes, by adding new tasks and implementing solutions beyond its standard processes.

After overcoming the initial challenges of the partnership, the results could not be any more positive. The solutions are manufactured by the two companies according to the needs of each client. The manufacturing phase is carried out in Motofil, according to the European CE standards; the installation phase of the equipment in the client’s facilities is carried out either by Roboty or by Motofil and the subsequent local support and technical assistance is assured by Roboty Przemysłowe Ltd.

In 6 months, Motofil and Roboty have concluded successfully 5 projects. This was possible due to the experience of the manufacturing and project management teams, because the Polish market – its historic specialisation in metalworking, the excellent engineering schools and its connection to Germany – is a market with a demanding technical requirement. At the moment, it is in development a large project for the welding of parts with 15 tons – with robotised gantries, orbital positioners and with laser seam tracking – that will be an excellent reference in Central Europe’s market.

Nowadays, Motofil is supporting Roboty Przemysłowe Ltd. in creating a showroom to promote the standard equipment of Motofil. In the future, the plan is to extend this partnership to other range of products and markets.

This partnership confirmed the new strategy of approaching the European markets. This strategy is based on a network of partners aiming at developing markets and local clients, while Motofil manufactures reliable equipment and specialises processes. This model is being used as an excellent reference and example for other markets in Europe and in the USA.